What’s In Season?


Yes, I am aware that the running theme lately has been back-to-school, post summer, and how to get healthy again.  Though I know that we are more than halfway through September, many of us are still trying to find our bearings.  I don’t know about you, but it usually takes me a good while to break the bad habits of summer vacation; sleeping in, overindulging and not enough movement.

I’ve decided however, that enough is enough.  I am determined to get myself back on track, starting with my food, given that my intake of fruits and vegetables lately has been quite abysmal. Also, considering my current workload, flu season and the Christmas holidays lurking in the very near future, there really is no time like the present.

So, when it comes to picking fresh produce, the best thing to do is find out what’s in season and work from there.  To make it easy for you, I have created a list below of what’s in season during the months of September, October and November:

  • Apples & Pears; always great to have on hand, and work great on their own or in salads.
  • Capsicum (in all colours); available all year around, but are at their best in the summer and autumn.
  • Cauliflower & Broccoli; a delicious hearty vegetable that tastes especially yummy when roasted.
  • Grapes; best from August to October, and a great hit with little kids!
  • Plums; their season ends this month, so get cracking and enjoy them while you still can!
  • Beetroot; great in salads and juices
  • Blackberries, Cranberries & Raspberries; full of vitamins and antioxidants – if your kids are not a fan, just sneak them into their smoothies.
  • Corn; always a great addition to any salad
  • Aubergine; perhaps one of my favourite vegetables, and an excellent meat substitute for all the vegetarians out there.
  • Okra; probably one of the best things out there for gut health.
  • Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes; one of the world’s better sources of carbohydrates, versatile and a favourite amongst both kids and adults.
  • Radishes; work great on their own, as well as in salads if you want to add a little subtle spice to what is otherwise a rather bland dish.
  • Butternut Squash & Pumpkin; nothing like these two to gear us up for the cosy autumn weeks.
  • Tomatoes; slice and sprinkle with a little salt for that perfect added freshness to any meal.
  • Brussels Sprouts; full of healthy goodness, and a great add on alongside your favourite protein.
  • Cabbage; also very high in antioxidants, and great for making hearty salads.
  • Dates; harvested in autumn, and a great source of fibre and potassium.
  • Leeks; delicious and at their best in October.
  • Parsnips & Turnip; great when roasted, and an excellent addition to soups and stews.
  • Oranges; an excellent source of vitamin C to have on hand during flu season.
  • Pomegranates; good for heart and gut health.
  • Swiss Chard; because you can never have too much leafy greens.

There you have it guys (to name a few). Now, head on over to the fruit and vegetable isles and check out yufeed for some delicious recipes.  Let’s get cooking!



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