Rita Soueidan

Rita Soueidan

Head Chef – Maisan 15 Café & Gallery

Rita Soueidan is a Lebanese chef, born and raised in the UAE. Her love for food and passion for cooking started at a very young age helping her mother prepare and cook delicious Lebanese dishes. This passion for cooking has led her through various areas in the industry, including food consultancy and the creation of her own healthy dessert line, Sweetfix by Rita. Currently, as the head chef of Maisan 15, Rita’s food highlights the flavours of her Mediterranean roots and Middle Eastern upbringing, mixing those ingredients with unexpected flavours from around the world as seen in the Maisan15 bestseller, miso baba ghanoush with dukkah and pistachio. To enhance her repertoire, Rita continues to travel and experiment with various flavours and hopes to continue creating Middle Eastern inspired dishes that that are expressed in a fresh and inventive manner.



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