How To Organize Your Pantry


Feeling overwhelmed by your pantry? No problem! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Make a list of everything in your pantry and group them into categories.
  2. Throw away anything that is way past its expiry date.
  3. Set aside anything that is close to its expiry date and think about how you would like to use them before they spoil.
  4. Create allocated spaces for each of the categories you have created, such as ‘spices’, ‘nuts’, ‘condiments’, ‘snacks’ etc.
  5. Make a shopping list.
  6. Invest in storage containers, and create labels for each of them.
  7. Make sure all labels are facing forward and all items are visible. Invest in multi-level racks if needed; they’re inexpensive, easy to find and will do wonders, especially if space is an issue.
  8. Lastly, always rotate. Keep track of what is in your pantry, and be sure to place new items in the back and older ones upfront. This reminds you to use them before they go bad and will ultimately reduce waste.

Check out our blog on “Things To Always Have In Your Pantry” for a list of essentials you should stock up on! Though somewhat time consuming, the good news is that once you have your new system in place, it will be easy to follow and keep up. Enjoy!



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