Mistakes That Almost Every Guest Will Make


We recently covered the mistakes that most dinner party hosts are likely to make, which I hope was eye-opening to many of you.  But what about the guests?

Well, today we will be covering the list of annoying things almost every guest will make. So please read on, and feel free to leave in the comments if any of these apply to you…

  1. Bringing a plus 1 – this indeed is a big faux pas from any guest, and doesn’t even warrant an explanation.  In fact, everything I’ve heard or read on the topic states that it is rude to bring someone without asking. However, I am of the opinion that one shouldn’t even ask, because that puts the host in an awkward position if they aren’t able to accommodate that one extra person.  To this I say, don’t do it, or politely decline the invitation on the grounds that you’re tied up with a friend.  Alternatively, you can casually say something like ‘I would’ve loved to, but I have a friend in town’, and leave it up to the host to then decide if you can bring them along or not.
  2. Showing up with a dish, specifically after the host has asked you not to. Though it may be polite to show up with a gift, it really isn’t to show up with a meal. I once went to a dinner party where the hostess’s mother-in-law showed up with a lasagne, and another one where a guest actually brought a roast chicken.  Both said it was ‘just in case there wasn’t enough food’, and spent the entire evening asking all the guests what they thought of their meal.  Not cool guys…
  3. Not eating; yes, some of us are on special diets, avoiding carbs and don’t eat after 5. Though I don’t typically judge people’s lifestyle choices, I do find it inconsiderate to opt out of eating when a host has spent hours putting a meal together.  With this I say that unless you’re willing to give yourself the night off, the correct thing to do would be to politely decline the invitation and give the host the option to extend your invite to someone else who will actually eat.
  4. Being a little too helpful, which isn’t really helpful at all. Yes, it’s polite to always ask ‘can I help with anything?’, but if your host says ‘no, thank you’, don’t insist, don’t shadow and follow them around, and certainly don’t overcrowd them in the kitchen.  Believe me, you are not helping at all, especially since all they really want is for you to have fun, mingle, eat and relax!
  5. Arriving a little too late; definitely not a good look on anyone, especially for a sit down dinner, as opposed to a party. If you are so inclined, try getting ready a little earlier, make a move earlier than you normally would, don’t distract yourself with things like your phone and catching the last 10 minutes of a show.  Just get in the car and make a move, chances are you’ll already be running late enough as it is.
  6. The pre-gathering annoyances: Not RSVP’ing, cancelling last minute, and asking who else is coming – I’ve bunched these together as they all pertain to mistakes people make before the gathering has even taken place. So please, RSVP as soon as you can, whether you plan on going or not, never ask a host who else is coming, because why does it matter? You’re there to see them, and lastly, never ever cancel at the last minute (unless of course you have an excellent reason!).

There it is, which ones do you fall under and what experiences have you had with guests when hosting? Please leave your comments below!   



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