Dishes That Make for Even Better Leftovers!


If you’re pressed for time, but still prefer a home cooked meal over takeout, then leftovers are your best bet! Carve out some time each week to make a generous portion of something delicious and factor that into your weekly meal plan.

Here’s a list to help you along:

  • Lasagne; hands down, way better as a leftover. Though it does take a bit of effort to make, the good news is, once you’re done, you have yourself a hearty meal to look forward to over the next few days.  Simply take your portion and reheat it, or even have it cold!
  • Any casserole for that matter; like a good lasagne, will taste even better the day after.
  • Chili (any kind); since the dish is already soaked in flavour, you are guaranteed to enjoy it even more over the coming days.  Just add your favourite toppings and sides, and you are good to go.
  • Your favourite stew; nothing gets better overnight more than a one pot stew, as the ingredients are given plenty of time to infuse and build flavour. Yes, I know stews cook low and slow, but again, they make for excellent leftovers.  Pour over some rice or potatoes and enjoy!
  • Curries; much like stews, curries are also even better the day after. Simply pair with a bowl of rice or sides of choice and dinner is served!
  • Roast chicken, beef or lamb; all make for delicious sandwich meat the next day, and are way healthier than cold cuts from the deli.
  • Shepherd’s Pie; perhaps the best leftover comfort food ever!

What are your favourite leftovers? And how do you like to have them? Stay tuned to find out different ways on how to repurpose your leftovers!



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