The Bench Scraper


A flat, rectangular piece of steel or plastic (bench scraper). Though typically a baker’s tool, used to divide, scoop and transfer chunks of dough from one place to another, it is also extremely useful for any cook.

It is perfect to have on hand when meal prepping.  As you all know, even the most organised cook will end up with a messy work station at some point. It is therefore always helpful to have a large bowl and your bench scraper nearby. This way when you’re done chopping, you can simply transfer everything in one big swoop from the board into your bowl.  Most people use their chef’s knife when doing this, but it often leaves pieces behind, and you’ll need to go in for another swoop or two.

The best thing about this tool is that it is inexpensive and accessible. For baking purposes, we would recommend the steel, but when used as a cooking aid, the plastic is perfect.  It is bendy and flexible and therefore easier to use when cleaning up. It is also this bendy feature that makes it great for cleaning out the inside of bowls and pots.

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