10 Snacks to bring on a Plane

10 snacks to bring on a plane

Granted, summer started a little early this year, but the silver lining to the increasing heat is that we get to start our holidays! For many of us, this means at least two plane rides (if not more). I’m sure many of you by now have perfected the art of traveling, but how many of you still dread airplane food?

Though flavoursome, there is no denying that they are also packed full of sodium and preservatives. And with family vacations, there is also the added stress of ensuring your kids get enough to eat, especially during the long-haul flights. So, if you or your kids can’t stomach airplane food, or if your little ones are picky eaters, or if you tend to get hungry at odd times during the flight, when the wait for mealtime is too far away, then this post is for you.

Sure, you’re probably thinking to yourself ‘where am I going to find time to prepare snacks before a trip?’. Well, like everything else, the answer is to simply plan ahead, choose the easiest options, and be sure to opt for items that keep well at room temperature and to always use airtight containers.

Check out the below list for some fast and easy snacks to make at home and to travel with:

  1. Muffins; easy to make and keep well for hours at room temperature. They are also child friendly – check out some healthy sweet and savoury recipes on yufeed.
  2. Granola; Similarly, they keep well and kids love them! Healthy recipes available on yufeed
  3. Halloumi Za’atar Cake; another yufeed favourite and easy enough to make ahead, slice into portions and snack on during a flight.
  4. Fresh Fruits; such as bananas, grapes, apples or even berries, but be sure to keep them in an airtight container.
  5. Nuts; always make for healthy snacks to have on hand. Be sure however not to salt the nuts as flights do tend to dehydrate you.
  6. Dried Fruits; especially raisins as I know many little ones who are big fans.
  7. Hummus & Crackers, filling and delicious!
  8. Pop-Corn; especially useful if you have little ones who tend to get too fussy or antsy. This low-calorie meal will keep them busy enough to give you some peace. Like the nuts, be sure not to over salt them.
  9. Cheese; whatever your favourite cheese, simply slice them into manageable pieces and keep in an airtight container. Although, be sure to avoid anything too smelly!
  10.  Your favourite cookies! Granted not the healthiest choice, but you are on vacation, and a little sugar won’t hurt! Just be sure not to pack too much, and if you do, share!
  11. Lastly, and certainly not least, the most important thing to have on hand when flying is a bottle or two of water! Yes, I know you won’t be able to get it past security, but make a quick stop at duty free before you head to your gate and keep yourself hydrated throughout the flight!

Also, check out the following link for more intel on in-flight meal planning: 15 Healthy Plane Snacks That Beat In-Flight Meals – Forever Lost In Travel

Happy summer everyone, and safe travels!



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